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Service Line

 Inquire, formal confirmation by emails or telephones;

 Upon receiving nomination, we contact with relevant representative to trace the vessel’s movement closely and negotiate attending spot time, besides, give immediate feedback to clients and keep them ackownledged;

 We will send a daily report to clients, reflecting proceeding condition, especially during Pre-loading survey.After completion of spot survey, we will submit the final survey report and relevant documents to clients in 24 to 48 hours.

We ensure that we do not make any promise to involved parties on behalf clients, except we get formal instruction from clients. As usual, we issue survey report in English, but if special requirement, we could change it in Chinese.

We promise to our clients, without agreement from clients, we will keep all aspects about survey secret to anyone else, to protect our clients’ benefit.



Contact: Caption Wang

Phone: 13009455595

Tel: 0411-39700411/12


Add: Dalian Office: 11th floor, Block A, Maritime Science and Technology Building, No. 523 Huangpu Road, Hi-Tech Industrial Zone, Dalian City, Liaoning Province,China