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We are lucky living in this kind of society, in which we can relate our pursuit and career together;

We are lucky living in this kind f society, in which we can realize our dream and pursuit bu unremitting efforts!

Choose occupation is not only making a life, but also pick a mode of life and sense of worth.An excellent career can combine your enthusiasm, creativity with your ability and responsibility. Living in a free but significant life.

If you can handle responsibility and stress well, and prefer to work in an incentive based structure, join us!

Give you own a chance to realize your dreaming world, at the same time, give us a chance to attractive flesh energy to create better team!

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Contact: Caption Wang

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Add: Dalian Office: 11th floor, Block A, Maritime Science and Technology Building, No. 523 Huangpu Road, Hi-Tech Industrial Zone, Dalian City, Liaoning Province,China